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What a Wonderful Ride!

Dec 09, 2013 05:55PM
Another year is drawing to a close. It’s too hard to comprehend how fast time goes by. I’m just so grateful I have enjoyed every moment of this year. Although there have been ups and downs, I learned, I’ve grown, and cherish them all. This column will be the shortest of the year, as I only want to say thanks to everyone connected to us at Natural Awakenings. Speaking for my staff, my family, and myself I want to extend to our readers, advertisers, distributors, and the rest of the world, wishes of peace. Something I hope 2014 brings more of to our planet.

I know that sounds overwhelming when we reflect on the atrocities that happen on a daily basis. It is sometimes hard to think we can make a difference, but we can. Others have. It all starts with me, it starts with you, and it starts with love. Years ago, when I was in a dark spot in my life, someone told me, “If you come from love, you have the most powerful emotion we as humans possess. So always start from love, empathy, and compassion and you will never be wrong.” I’ve never forgotten that. It has proven to be great advice. It is not always easy, I can’t always do it, but I can’t give up, because that is the man I strive to be. What better vision for the world than peace.

Please enjoy your holiday season. We look forward to a positive peaceful new year, and the January issue of Natural Awakenings.

In peace, love and laughter,


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