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Natural Healing Through Ayurvedic

Jan 07, 2014 12:31PM
Divya Ayurveda, an authentic Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma herbal healing center in Kendall Park, is on a mission to promote their client’s best health through nature’s own way:  Ayurveda. The center offers a variety of treatments that use Ayurvedic oils and herbs to help eliminate extremely dangerous toxins from one’s body. Owner Cindy Vohra explains, “Mother Nature has blessed us with plants and herbs with special powers that are all around us. Pains, stress, weight issues, skin issues are only some of the many issues this center specializes in treating. With a combination of natural medicines, herbal oils, and special body massages, Divya Ayurveda strives to alleviate all your pains.”

One of the most popular treatments offered is Abhyanga, “body rejuvenation therapy,” which is an Ayurvedic full body massage with warm medicated herbal oils. Abhyanga is reported to improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. In the cold weather seasons, Nasyam, a Panchakarma therapy that involves the face and head massage with herbal oil preparations followed by steam inhalation and Ayurvedic herbal nasal drops, can be helpful in relieving mucus from sinus passages. Location: 3086 Route 27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824. For more information call 732-821-3047 or visit

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