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2014—What Will It Bring Us?

Jan 07, 2014 11:35AM
Now one knows, of course. Many of us will write resolutions, and commit to change. We will pledge to drop pounds, read more, stop smoking, drink less, and work out more. We will swear to leave our emails for a day, stay away from YouTube, and promise to Facebook less, even to cut our television hours. Enough texting, especially while driving, may be a new anthem (one can only hope). We will give back to the community, work at a shelter, and spend more time with our children. Good luck to everyone, whatever your direction.

I will also be joining that group of best intentioned people. Not because I thought about it or made a plan. As a matter of fact it hardly entered my mind. I move to this group because recently I attended an insightful and inspirational Sunday service.  Let me share with you some of the messages I received.

It started with a simple statement, “what you focus on expands” followed by “so focus on the good.” Simple, right? We know it to be right but how do we live it? Could it be as simple as making a decision? As simple as making a resolution to ignore the negative chatter—from news sources, institutions and certain types of people? Deciding to be selective and direct my own thinking? Take responsibility for the choice? Yes, it just might be that simple to choose to see the good.

So my every day resolution has been to lay down that platform—to declutter my mind from the negative and choose love. My intention is to see the good in everyone—in the difficult people I sometimes encounter in work, in the supermarkets, on on the road (dysfunctional drivers are still a challenge). In the difficult situations I create or are created for me, I strive to see the good. It is funny how it seems to work. Sometimes, in seeing the good, I see me in you because we are all, somehow through some being, connected. The tools of personal change—forgiveness, understanding, gratitude, compassion, empathy—create a strong foundation on which to build.  By adding this simple reminder, it seems easier to use those tools, to expand my thinking, to become more open to abundance.  In effect, to welcome the positive, to see the good.

Sometimes we meet people who only see what is wrong—let me not be one of them. At the service, I was reminded that “My tomorrows come from my today.” So my choice is to see the good in today.

Thank you for reading Natural Awakenings, we look forward to serving you in the New Year.  Please see the good, spread peace, and hope for a great tomorrow.

In peace, love and laughter, Joe

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