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Body So Perfect Introductory Special on Fat-Burning Procedures

Body So Perfect is offering an introductory special for two unique procedures, Contour Firm and Contour Shape, which help participants achieve targeted body sculpting. Regardless of age, fitness level or weight, both Contour Shape and Contour Firm are safe, effective and noninvasive. Contour Firm uses radio frequency to melt fat, tighten skin and help build collagen while Contour Shape uses ultrasound waves to collapse andĀ implodeĀ the membrane around the fat cell, getting rid of it entirely.

While both processes work well, it is crucial that participants continue an exercise routine after the procedure to ensure fat is being metabolized. Their exclusive Exserso System is a fun and versatile way to get the exercise needed. It is a unique cross training system that bundles cardio, interval training, Pilates, yoga and more in one exhilarating program. Their certified team is trained to treat problem areas like the abdominals, buttocks, legs and arms. Many participants report results in as little as one session, and that they love the way they look and feel.

Call for introductory special details. Location: 513 Warrenville Road, Warren. For more information, call 908-251-5058 or visit

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