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Fresh Start Teams with Dr. Nikki Conte to Achieve Goals Naturally for Those Over 40

Apr 09, 2014 06:31PM
The thought of joining a gym can be intimidating and even unsafe for those who suffer from physical limitations or recurrent injuries. Fresh Start Exercise has teamed up with Dr. Nikki Conte, a naturopathic practitioner in Watchung, to help you achieve your goals naturally. Dr. Conti uses functional medicine to access nutritional and nutrient needs which helps support the body during exercise to achieve maximum benefit. Fresh Start Exercise, located in Warren, offers a unique exercise program. Created by physical therapist James Macbeth, the program was initially created to assist those who had their physical therapy treatment curtailed by insurance restrictions. The program is now open to anyone over the age of 40 who wants to exercise with supervision due to physical limitations like illness, surgery, age related ailments and weight.

Sessions are designed specifically to meet your exercise goals and ability. You are supervised by a personal trainer who is skilled in areas that relate specifically to those over 40 years old. This fun and affordable exercise program is offered for $75 per month for unlimited sessions. Together Dr. Conte and Fresh Start Exercise help you boost your vitality and achieve wellness from the inside out!

Location: 23 Mountain Blvd, Warren. For more information, call 908-591-4868 or visit

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