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Waldorf Chiropractic Center

Dr. Eric Waldorf has been serving patients in a “high tech atmosphere with old-fashioned values” at Waldorf Chiropractic Center, 1301 Prince Rodgers Ave., Bridgewater, for the past 14 years. Today he sees between 100-150 cases per week. His patients are people with chronic pain, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, accident trauma, elder pain, ADD/ADHD, allergies/asthma and much more. Because chiropractic is a science of the interaction between the spine and the nervous system, it can be effective for almost any condition of the body. “As we treat spinal misalignments, disease states tend to improve or disappear,” explains Dr. Waldorf.

To further illustrate the nature of chiropractic, Dr. Waldorf compares it to gardening: “If you are growing a plant, it needs a full supply of water. If you put one toe on the garden hose, then the plant receives a little less water, and one or two leaves may die and fall off. If you press further on the hose, more leaves and perhaps some branches may fall off. If you stand fully on the hose and restrict all water flow, the entire plant will die.” The plant represents the body, the hose is like the spine and the water in the hose represents the nervous system. If the nerves to a specific body part, for instance the stomach, are hampered, you will experience a problem there, like poor digestion. When we realign the “hose,” then the “water” can flow freely again and the disease or dysfunction clears up. This is the basis for all chiropractic treatments.

Dr. Waldorf embraces a “whole person approach” to wellness, which looks for the underlying causes of disruption to a patient’s system. Once these causes are identified, he is able to make appropriate interventions and suggest lifestyle adjustments that will optimize conditions for a return to normal function. Using this unique approach, Dr. Waldorf is able to help his patients accelerate and/or maintain their journey to good health.

Unlike some other chiropractors, who may become “technique-specific,” using only one approach for every patient, Dr. Waldorf is certified in multiple treatment techniques and maintains state-of-the-art technology on-site. This enables him to tailor his treatment based on his patient’s condition, thereby creating his “high-tech atmosphere with old-fashioned values.” Among the treatment techniques offered at Waldorf Chiropractic Center are:

Thermal Scan – highlights “hot spots” on the spine that may not necessarily cause pain, but which indicate injury in need of treatment. All patients undergo a thermal scan every 12 weeks to maintain an ongoing assessment of their condition.

Digital X-ray – on site to provide instant assessment of vertebral/pelvic conditions.

Logan Basic – the technique of the Logan College of Chiropractic, involving gentle pressure on the ligaments of the pelvis.

Gonstead – a technique developed by a mechanical engineer, relating the specific angles of the spine and the precisely placed force needed to adjust the spine.

Activator, both manual and electronic - tools that provides low force and low pressure without “cracking,” making it especially useful for those with osteoporosis or for those who are nervous about the physical adjustment process itself.

Flexion Distraction – a technique in which the bottom half of the treatment table is lowered to an angle that creates a vacuum to help herniated discs be drawn back into place in the spinal column.

Upper Cervical Specific – adjusts only the very first bone in the neck, i.e., the top of the spine.

Additionally, this month Dr. Waldorf is introducing “hydro-massage,” a massaging waterbed table, which will be available to patients any time during regular office hours. The table is heated to a uniform temperature and can be programmed to massage specific parts of the body based on the patient’s needs. Patients may purchase either a weekly, monthly or yearly package, which entitles them to preferential appointment times.

In addition to his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Waldorf holds a Masters Degree in Public Health, a concentration in Epidemiology, a degree in Radiology, and a Diplomate in Pain Management. He is also an adjunct faculty at Bryant & Stratton College, teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Healthcare, Disaster Management, Medical Terminology, and Law and Ethics. In service to the surrounding community, Dr. Waldorf’s office proudly runs a food drive every November, donating between 30-40 gallons of food to “SHIP,” the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program in Somerville. And, when he is not seeing patients, teaching or spending time with family, Dr. Waldorf also volunteers as a Cub Master for the Boy Scouts in Piscataway, and as an athletic trainer for the Pop-Warner Football League in both South Plainfield and Piscataway.

To learn how Waldorf Chiropractic Center in Bridgewater can serve you, whatever your condition may be, be sure to visit, where you will find a comprehensive explanation of all things related to chiropractic. The long list of testimonials to Dr. Waldorf’s treatment approach and caring attitude make it clear why he has been so successful for so many years. See ad on page 24.

Staff writer Julie Shaw is also a Certified Viniyoga Therapist. For more information, visit

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