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Become Your "Masterful You" Through Life Coaching

Apr 09, 2014 06:22PM
When one is experiencing conflict in one or more areas of life, such as feeling stuck in a job or relationship, lacking motivation, or repeating the same negative patterns, a skilled life coach can help.

Jennifer Mandel, Certified Life Coach at The Masterful You, explains that “life coaching is different than traditional therapy in that it does not consist of speaking about the present as it relates to the past, it instead relates to the future.” A life coach works with the client to identify areas of dissatisfaction along with identifying desired feelings or circumstances. “Then the life coach helps the client to establish new goals and set action steps,” Mandel states. “Coaching is designed for concrete, immediate changes that simultaneously transform different aspects of a client’s life.”

For those interested in exploring how a life coach would help, Mandel offers a complimentary consultation, coaching readiness assessment and a future client biography designed for potential clients to share about themselves.

Jennifer Mandel is a Certified Personal Development Coach through the Certified Coaches Alliance, with experience in education and psychology. For more information, contact [email protected] or 732-991-0093.

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