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Tai Chi Benefits Include the Physical, Mental and Even Spiritual

Apr 30, 2014 09:18PM
The longer a practitioner practices slow, controlled movements of Tai Chi, the more dramatic the effects.  The goals are to achieve improved balance in many aspects of life.

Body changes include a better understanding and experience of orthostatic (postural) balance, an improved ability to relax the muscles, and valuable additions to the native repertoire of reflexes that prove useful in everyday life and emergencies.  This is accomplished through a choreographed set of movements that also increase strength and flexibility. Improvement in medical conditions can also occur.

During practice the mind gains benefits with a holiday from ordinary troublesome thoughts and stress.  To accomplish this result, attention to the Tai Chi form brings the mind’s focus to the moment—the present. Peaceful mind supports balance in the body’s functions.

Having discovered the benefits of study, many Tai Chi students want to discover more and go on to deeper levels.  They often report that further practice has the positive effects of increased emotional balance, more balanced relationships, and spiritual growth and insights.

Fran Maher and Brian Coffey teach a variety of Tai Chi and Qi Gong weekly one-hour classes as well as weekend Classical Chinese Medicine seminars.  Their next round of weekly classes begins May 5-June 16, with a 6-week series for $72.  Summer classes will be July 7 to August 16.

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