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Motivate and Empower Yourself with a Life Coach

Are you ready to make real and positive changes in your life? Are you ready to overcome self-limiting behaviors that have held you back from reaching your goals? Often someone who will help you keep on track is beneficial.

For the last 10 years Lisa Rivera made a difference in people’s lives as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, but she also used this knowledge to make a difference in her own life. Once morbidly obese, in order to make her physical change possible and successful, she knew she first had to change her mental and emotional thought patterns. The success she achieved combined with her natural desire to help others led her into a new direction as a life coach.

“A life coach will help motivate and empower you to create the life you have always wanted for yourself through working on your overall balance of mind, body, spirit and heart,” says Rivera. “Each component is an important factor to achieving higher and sustained levels of balance, health and happiness in life.”

Rivera knows first hand that with hard work, dedication and guidance along the way, change is possible. As a life coach she is confident that everyone is capable of achieving their highest potential.

For more information, join Coach Lisa on Mondays from 3-7pm for an open question line about the coaching process. To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact her at 908-967-8997 or [email protected]

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