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Recently I had the opportunity to meet lots of our readers at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Expo at the Garden State Exhibition Center here in New Jersey. As usual the enthusiasm of our loyal readers was overwhelmingly positive.  I can’t explain how good, knowing that people love our magazine makes me feel.  I consider Natural Awakenings part of my life’s work, so my gratitude is once again immeasurable.

One request is for you, our readers, to send us feedback. We want to know what we’re doing well.  What articles inspire you?  What you like, what you don’t like, and what you want more of.  We want to grow so please help us grow with you in mind and the right direction. Please take a moment and drop me a line.    My ultimate goal will be that you will share the changes you have made, the holistic approaches you have adopted and pass it on to the next generation.  So again help us make the decisions that will have a positive effect for our future.

We’re in the process of improving our Facebook page, and could really use your likes. I promise to make it a place of information for the future.

There is a lot of news to share about the magazine too. We have expanded our territory to include lower Warren County, welcoming the cities of  Hackettstown, Washington and the surrounding areas to our publication. Our website, has a new Holistic Directory and Events Calendar feature. Visit it often and watch it grow. Our new Volunteer Corner is making it’s debut in this issue. It’s small right now, but I guarantee it will be growing fast. If you know of local non-profits who need help, please let us know.

Soon we plan to introduce a new department called KUDOS., where we will share all sorts of good news. For example, Dr. Boguslavsky, known to all as Dr. B. of Premier MD, shared with us the story of Eddie, a patient he helped seven years ago. Eddie shared with Dr. B. his overwhelming gratitude at how the treatment changed his life. And we will to share that with you as well in our opening KUDOS column next month.

Thanks so much for reading our magazine, for advertising in our magazine, and for everyone’s support. Have a very Happy Father’s Day!

In peace, love and laughter, Joe Dunne, Publisher

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