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eZential Wellness Center with Gurukul Yoga Promises Big Changes with Addition of Holistic Therapies

Jun 30, 2014 05:52PM
Owner Lori Arrechea expanded upon the existing Gurukul Yoga studio with the addition of her eZential Wellness Center when she took over the business last May. Since then, she has been busy creating a fresh, relaxing space with the addition of updated features including hardwood floors in the yoga room. She has also beautified the studio by including a variety of healing modalities, including Reiki, nutritional classes and aromatherapy.

Lori, a yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner, explains that her goal is to empower the people who visit her studio by helping them “realize that health is really in their hands; they’re not a victim of being unhealthy, feeling lost or hopeless. They can find the tools to heal themselves and to feel better.” Ideally, she wants eZential Wellness Center to be considered as “more of a community center where people can connect physically with one another,” an innovative notion in our fast paced world of digital communication.

The yoga classes offered tend to be gentler, therapeutic and mind/body oriented—a perfect way to find balance in a stressful world. Many clients come to the eZential Wellness Center looking for relief from back and hip issues and find they are able to stop taking their pain medications altogether. The center offers nutrition classes in which Lori works one-on-one to identify the specific needs of her clients. With her guidance, they learn to modify their relationship with food. Additionally, there is a Reiki share the first Sunday of every month from 2-5 PM. This event is geared toward beginners who are curious about what Reiki is, as well as practitioners who are able to share their skills. The center also boasts a monthly free yoga class. The various workshops, events and class schedule can be viewed on the center’s website. Lori is excited about the opportunity to incorporate other healing modalities, along with yoga, to create a true wellness center.

Location: 1300 Prince Rodgers Ave, Bridgewater. For more information, call 908-526-0002 or visit

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