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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Unity Spiritual Center: A Progressive, Empowering Approach to Christianity

The Unity Spiritual Center, a local chapter of Unity Worldwide Ministries, offers an alternative to the traditional church. Instead of strictly teaching the Bible, Unity also focuses on meditation, education and the importance of fellowship.

With the retirement of Unity’s longtime minister last August, the addition of transitional minister Reverend Terrence Padgett has been a transformational blessing for the center. He has been working tirelessly to get the fellowship back in touch with the pure teachings of Unity and is helping establish a firm identity as a spiritual center. Through his teachings, the membership is being gently brought back to its roots. One of the fundamental beliefs of the Unity Spiritual Center is that if people learn to connect to their divine spark, through prayer and meditation, they can achieve greatness. With an emphasis on action, Unity teaches that it is not enough to simply attend the services; in order to create a truly fulfilling and positive life, one has to be willing to live with the principles in mind.

A representative for the Unity Spiritual Center explains that “humanity’s purpose is to express our divine potential. The more we awaken to our divine nature, the more fully God can express in our lives. Unity sees its job as helping people to awaken to their divinity.” The center has a myriad of classes and workshops to attend, including a weekly Silent Meditation, a Oneness Blessing and a study group that deals with the writings of spiritual author Joel Goldsmith. Excitingly, the center is proudly presenting a 25th Anniversary Celebration on August 9, featuring dinner and a comedy show. Additionally, all are encouraged to attend the Pet Blessing which will be held on September 13. For information and information on all that the center offers, please visit their website.

Location: 453 Bellwood Avenue, Asbury. For more information, call 908-730-8792 or visit