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Yoga Month in September is Almost Here!

Aug 07, 2014 08:56PM
My column last month was about plastics, how they pollute our world, and in particular our oceans. I talked about a walk I took 30 years ago and my disgust at the mess we made. I walked that beach again just recently and, much to my surprise, I’m very happy to report it was significantly cleaner. That doesn’t mean we have fixed the problem. New developments described as floating oceans of plastics have recently been discovered. So please join me in working to make a difference. Support the awareness effort. Pay particular attention to our use, purchases, and recycling of plastics. Let’s consider new alternatives. And most important—influence just one other person to pay attention and pass on the message. I understand plastic products can be useful, but environmental improvement is a decision, a commitment, and a social effort worth fighting for.

Our August issue focuses on another subject really dear to my heart. Education! I don’t have enough magazine space to pontificate my opinions on our education system and the need to change it. In particular what we teach and how we teach. I know there are some unbelievable schools, teachers, and programs creating results that are over the top—they get it! But in general we are failing to move that model quickly. That is why I love this month’s issue focus on educational change. The schools that are creating new environments of learning came about because someone took action; they convinced a board, a politician to visualize what they could not see. Someone pushed on for a greater good, because they believed. The foundation of change is an open mind, letting go of the familiar, the comfort of routine, and walking through the fear rather than yielding to it. This, I believe, is what we need for our educational system—to be fearless.

I once heard a statement that fits our approach to education reform: “We spend a lot of time sitting around admiring our problems.” I have also heard that “Parenting is preparing our children to leave us,” to face the world, adjusted for life’s challenges. How do you think we’re doing as a society? We spend a lot of money in this country on foreign aid to help improve the societies of others. I dream that someday we take on this project and provide some “our aid” for ourselves.

On to YOGA. I’m excited to announce that September is our All YOGA –All Month issue. To support this effort we started posting our Yoga studios into our online holistic directory at We will run national as well as local articles from our advertisers. We are also asking participating studios to make September a month of awareness, with giveaways to classes, free drop in’s, and other offers of their choice. The September issue will be feature rich outlining the health benefits, varieties, and rewards of this growing practice. We will also offer mini-spotlights on studios, teachers, and programs on yoga and pilates.

From our readers we would love to hear about your experiences. Let us know how you have benefited, changed, who has been instrumental in helping you along. We would love to publish your testimonials, stories or comments. Everyone help us make YOGA in September an issue to be really proud of.

Not to mention it is the seventh year anniversary of our Somerset, Middlesex, Hunterdon publication, and our second year of ownership. For that, I thank everyone, readers, advertisers, my staff, and the driving force of the magazine, our editor Kathy.

In peace, love and laughter, Joe

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