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Wise Birth Choices LLC Empowers Women to Be “Birth Warriors”

BS_WiseChoices_JillDillner_rgbOwner Jill Dillner always aspired to be a midwife. After being told she was infertile, she shelved her dream. However, when she miraculously conceived, her passion for midwifery and natural birth was ignited once more. Coupled with a painful birth and witnessing a friend struggle with an avoidable, extremely traumatic C-Section that left her with PTSD, Jill was inspired to help moms achieve natural childbirth. She started Wise Birth Choices, LLC, nearly five years ago with a focus on educating women.

With her business partner Kristy Lauricella, Jill explains, “the births we create with our clients are about empowerment. We are empowering our moms to make decisions and empower their partners to be the voice they need to have a good, natural birth. We work hard with the couple to prepare for what they should expect.” Jill delights in the intense high that a woman experiences after witnessing what she is capable of. “It’s amazing to see them climb that mountain and come out on the other side as strong and empowered,” gushes Jill. “We honor that rite of passage. If a birthing mother doesn’t look like a goddess, you’re not treating her right.”

BS_WiseChoices_Kristy-4_rgbThe pair’s accomplishments in pregnancy and birth are endless. They’ve had incredible success rates with VBAC and other obstacles. A client predisposed to preeclampsia carried to term naturally by using nutrition classes and chiropractic care alone.

The women are in the process of getting space in Highland Park to start a mother’s wellness center. The center will offer postpartum support, birth classes, an early pregnancy education class, placenta encapsulation and more. “If we could give every pregnant woman one gift, it would be to make her birth decision with wisdom instead of fear,” states Jill. In the new facility, Kristy will be offering Birth Art classes, Calm Birth classes and movie screenings.

For information, call Jill at 732-718-9721 or Kristy at 732-754-5009. For schedule and registration, visit See ad on this page. Lana Dykes is a staff writer for Natural Awakenings Central NJ.

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