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The Whole-istic You ~ Enhancing Traditional Medicine with Holistic Care

Combining traditional family medicine and integrative care, The Whole-istic You offers patients individualized approaches to care by focusing on disease prevention. Conveniently located on Main Street in Somerville, the medical practice is committed to improving health via an integrative approach that combines diet, nutritional supplementation, personalized laboratory testing and traditional care. Dr. Renata Kulessa Dussias, D.O., focuses on personalized care plans for both preventative health as well as preexisting health concerns. Her background in traditional medicine sets her apart in the world of integrative care; she practiced traditional family medicine for 15 years prior to opening The Whole-istic You. With her impressive education and medical experience, Dr. Renata uses many forms of health care to achieve proper balance for her patients. Care plans range from completely conventional medical practices to solely natural approaches.

The Whole-istic You offers comprehensive, integrative care for pediatric (age 6+), adolescent, adult and geriatric patients with a wide range of conditions. One method, biofeedback training, is used as an alternative to medicine in children with ADD and has been shown to improve function in about 40 percent of autism spectrum disorders. Laboratory tests drawn on-site include traditional tests and also examine such factors as micronutrients and oxidative stress. Dr. Renata also provides well exams, DOT physicals, yoga classes and educational seminars.

Dr. Renata’s journey into holistic medicine began after her mother was diagnosed with lymphoma seven years ago when she decided to research and study alternative options to optimize her mother’s health. Dr. Renata stresses, “if you keep an open mind, there is more available than the route of traditional medicine.” She finds that by combining and augmenting standard Western medical practices with a more Eastern, natural care approach, she is able to produce positive results for her patients.

Dr. Renata believes “in treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. Optimal health can be achieved with a patient-centered focus that incorporates an understanding of how lifestyle factors, genetics and the environment affect the progression of disease.” In this often stressful world, she strives to help people attain and maintain a healthy balance. Imbalances, which can present themselves as illnesses and chronic issues, can potentially be improved by combining nutrition, exercise, traditional and holistic therapies. With this strategy in the forefront, The Whole-istic You continues to expand, customize and optimize the healthcare experience.

Dr. Renata graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with a degree in physical therapy and received her doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry School of Osteopathic Medicine. She is board certified in Family Medicine and also completed a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine. Location: 335 E Main Street, Somerville. For more information, call 908-864-4200, email [email protected] or visit

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