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Rosen Method Comes to Central NJ!

Nov 30, 2014 10:29AM
Elizabeth Smith, Rosen Method bodywork practitioner and nurse, is expanding her practice to Central New Jersey. She has been a hospice and palliative care nurse for over 30 years and has had a practice of Rosen Method bodywork since 2000 in New York City. This body-centered therapy is an approach to well-being, appropriate for people coping with physical issues such as pain and illness or emotional issues including anxiety and depression. It is also used as a form of self-care, to receive support during periods of transition, and to help manage the usual stresses of life. Through a unique combination of gentle touch and verbal support it invites relaxation of body and mind. “Rosen Method is about learning to feel more at ease in your body and in your life, whatever circumstances or challenges you are facing,” states Smith. It addresses muscle tension unconsciously held in the body, which contributes to pain and discomfort, as well as psychological distress. “When you become more aware of the particular ways your mind, body and spirit influence each other, it is possible to see your life more clearly, discover or remember what really matters to you, and make choices more aligned with your values and goals.”

Elizabeth is committed to raising awareness of this approach to well-being.

For information about Rosen Method and Elizabeth, see 917-544-5670.

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