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Celebrating Life

Nov 30, 2014 10:20AM
The holiday season is upon us once more. Trees that glowed so bright, so vibrant in fall colors have vanished. Autumn leaves have lost the fight with the November winds. Change is once more in the air, and Mother Nature has reminded us again that change is one thing you can always count on— always happening, always consistent.

When I was young days dragged on, now they fly by. Months that seemed never ending now pass way too fast. I shake my head and smile as I roll the calendar to a new month. Time marches on to the beat of growth and living change.

Sitting around and not knowing what to do seemed boring in my youth. That too has changed; now a boring moment has changed to contentment. A little silence and a bit of meditation has now become a gift. How time has changed.

Once everything had to be loud, quick, instant, full of action—now quiet is peaceful, simplicity has become reassuring. Once I never noticed the kids playing in the leaves or laughing so crazy at the silliest thing. Now watching my son run in the rain enjoying the moment, living carefree has taken new meaning. Time and change have turned from self-absorbing needs to conscience awareness.

Time has changed me and changed my thinking. This was not really all my doing. I needed a lot of help, and special people just seemed to show up once I wanted to accept change. People changed the way I see the world. I owe this gift to many people. People, with their unselfish random acts of kindness, special people that showed me how to change, passed on to me gifts—of gratitude, of seeing life through the eyes of a child. Special people like my wife who has helped me love deeper, reach higher, change for the better. I have to thank them all. They have guided, directed, and mentored me to enjoy where I am today celebrating life.

As this holiday season approaches with its tradition of family gatherings, coupled with a few more handshakes more hugs and smiles, I remember each and every one of us is capable of change, of making a difference, of doing well, of achieving the unachievable.

In this holiday season of tradition and New Year’s resolutions, commit to change, to make a contribution to the world. Peace starts within, let’s start there then work on the people we meet, and someday peace on earth just might happen. Pass on the gifts of empathy, compassion and kindness. Help one another, make a difference, a contribution. Miracles are attainable—even at the family table.

In gratitude, peace, love and laughter,

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