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Lisa on Love

Dec 30, 2014 08:21PM

An Interview with Love Coach Lisa Caroselli

Recently we had a chance to speak with Lisa Caroselli about the nature of a love coach.

What exactly do you do as a love coach? Are you a matchmaker? Do you help people create an online profile? No, I’m not a matchmaker or an online dating consultant. I help people to attract the love of their life by living the life they love.

What is a soulmate relationship or true love? Your true love relationship 1) exceeds anything from your wish list or past; 2) gets better over time; 3) supports you in your life’s purpose and healing; 4) and is a love that benefits everyone connected with you.

That makes sense and sounds interesting but how does that actually attract love? When you are living the life that you love, you are being yourself. This works spiritually and practically. Being yourself puts you in the right place at the right time to meet your love. You may need to shed flawed beliefs and release certain habits or behaviors to receive them into your life, but none of these things you are changing represent the real you.

I can see how that would work for someone who doesn’t have trouble meeting people, but what about those who have difficulty because they are self-conscious, older, divorced, too fat/thin, have never dated, or haven’t dated in a while? My approach works no matter how much you feel the odds are against you. You do not have to change one iota of who you really are for true love to come into your life.

As you cultivate self-love, you will start to build a life that you love. This invites true love into your life. It’s actually quite magical the way that it works.

Speaking of attraction, who do you tend to attract as clients? I attract single and divorced men and women who desire a spiritually-oriented, not necessarily religious, approach to dating and love.

How do you work with clients? Although I do offer in-person workshops periodically, most of my work is done via web conferencing/Skype or via phone. I offer both individual and group coaching. In fact, I have a new group course starting this month.

What is the advantage of working with you online versus in-person? With all of the “free stuff” out there, why would someone pay to attend a webinar? Most webinars, like most workshops, provide a lot of information but they fail to support you in applying what you’ve seen/heard. There is no follow-up or encouragement to help you make that breakthrough. My coaching is intuitive, spiritually grounded and highly interactive. I blend self-paced course content and homework with online sessions and coaching. You have the opportunity to share and ask questions anonymously during the session via chat or openly via microphone. Group course participants receive homework assignments via my coaching application. This application provides each participant with their own personal log of all course coaching activities/assignments and presentations.

It’s also good for single parents who don’t get to go out much and want to reserve babysitter time for dates. Also shy people could be little more private within a group by putting questions in the chat.

How do people contact you? My website is They can also send a message to [email protected]

Lisa begins her new twice monthly webinar course on January 19, 7:30-9:00 p.m. For details and enrollment visit For questions, email [email protected]

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