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Cleansing is a Breeze with Whole Raw Foods

Now that the temperature has dipped and the seasons have changed, your body is craving hot, comforting foods. Over the holiday season, you probably indulged in lots of sweets, extra treats and perhaps too much alcohol. Now it is time to prepare yourself for the long winter months by increasing your immunity and improving your daily detoxification function with a Breezy Organic cleanse.

When you give your body the nutrients it needs, reducing acidic foods and lifestyle choices, you give your body a chance to heal and repair itself naturally.  Consuming clean and nutritious food supports the organs, blood and improves your elimination system. Instead of worrying about counting calories, focus on counting the nutrients in your food.

A cleanse is important way to help the daily process of detoxification and elimination of toxic debris. Toxins are found mostly in the colon but can be anywhere in the body.  The Breezy Organic cleanse focuses on the two major organs of elimination: the skin and the colon. The cleanse gives the colon a rest from digestion of cooked, dry foods and a chance to clean out and reinvigorate.  The entire body works better after a cleanse; energy levels will be up, inflammation will be down and you may even experience a little weight loss.

The best cleanses consist of raw food and juices and good quality water, not pills and powders. The Breezy Organic cleanse includes organic raw pureed vegetarian food, high-PH water and  cold-pressed juices with all the nutrients, oils and fiber you need for one to three days, depending on your cleanse choice.  You will not be hungry or miserable.  The supplies also include instructions on how to prepare for the cleanse. It is suggested that participants eliminate all foods that cause allergies, inflammation, bloating and are hard to digest before beginning the cleanse.  This “elimination diet” focuses on eating more fruits, vegetables and clean animal protein and avoiding processed food, refined sugar, white flour, alcohol and soda for one to two weeks.

The 1-day cleanse, available any day with a 24-hour notice, is great for a quick reboot or rebound.  The more intensive 3-day cleanse is available monthly.

Location: Breezy Organic, 80 Morristown Rd., #22, Bernardsville. For more information and to sign up, call 908-696-8878 or visit

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