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Unity Spiritual Center Welcomes Aramaic Scholar Wyming Sun

Mar 31, 2015 11:56AM
Asbury, NJ – Unity Spiritual Center welcomes Aramaic scholar Wyming Sun on Sunday, May 3. Sun will deliver the 10 a.m. Sunday message “The Eight Spiritual Attunements: The Lord’s Prayer from Ancient Aramaic” followed by an Aramaic Healing Service and workshop.

The Lord’s Prayer, as it is taught from Aramaic, the language of Jesus—contains eight affirmations that adjust us to spiritual forces in and around us. Jesus of Nazareth adapted some of the short prayers that were popular with other spiritual teachers in the Near East in order to attune our minds to receive and retain spiritual guidance and messages.

A spiritual genius if ever there was one, Jesus was gifted at healing. According to Aramaic sources, He taught His disciples healing as part of their spiritual training and gave them a ritual to help build their ability and faith. That ritual will be performed as follows: The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, singing of hymns to create a quiet, receptive atmosphere; laying on of hands.

Wyming P. Sun, linguist and Feng Shui Master, pupil of Dr. Rocco Errico, will facilitate an Aramaic Healing Service from noon to 2 p.m. This presentation will be full of affirmative phrases that will linger in your memory and rise to aid in daily living just when you need them most.

Workshop Cost: $35 advance registration by 4/27. $50 at the door. Unity Spiritual Center is located at 453 Bellwood Avenue in Asbury, NJ. For more info or to register: 908-730-8792 or [email protected]

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