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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Fill Your Garden with Cross Country Nurseries

Mar 31, 2015 11:31AM
Owners Janie and Fernando, a husband and wife team, have been in the nursery business since 1985 and absolutely love being growers. They offer 500 varieties of live chili and pepper plants, 180 varieties of live tomato plants and 120 varieties of live eggplant plants from April through May. They pride themselves on signing the Safe Seed Pledge and use no GMOs. The plants are raised on an organic diet of fish emulsion and seaweed and produce extremely well.

Their small nursery is quickly becoming well-known nationwide for the large, hearty transplants they grow! They ship out over 100,000 plants a year to all fifty states and have lots of experience with shipping plants safely.

Please understand that plants shipped on the first ship date will be the youngest and therefore smallest plants of the season. These plants may need a bit of extra care and will not be as large as those shipped later in the season. Janie and Fernando guarantee that their products arrive true to their name and in a healthy condition.

The nursery is open seven days a week during the season and welcomes visitors. For the strongest, healthiest plants on the web, trust

Location: 199 Kingwood Locktown Rd., Stockton. For more information on purchasing and planting, call 908-996-4646 or visit

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