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Spring is Here - April 2015 Publisher's Letter

PUB_JoeDunne_photo_cmykWhat a winter! Ice, snow, slipping and sliding everywhere—on the roads, in the driveway going up the steps, coming down the steps. It became a winter that forced us to pay attention. The phone calls at 5 a.m. declaring a late school opening, or (with a big sigh) cancelling school entirely, were plentiful in this bitter cold winter of 2015. But in spite of the delays, changes, cancellations, and reshuffling of our appointment books, we were rewarded with unforgettable moments.

The sound of children’s spontaneous laughter filling the house from a far off room. Sledding with the kids, and taking a step back to observe the true nature of a human being—pure, without flaws, and living in the moment. Those rewarding moments when a smile crosses our face and joy enters our hearts. The kids are still the greatest teachers we have when we pay attention to what they are teaching.

For some, the cancellations may have produced a little less stress as you worked from home in casual attire. Or spent a day of catching up on stuff which rewarded you with a sense of accomplishment. Others may have simply relaxed. A day of paying attention to yourself and doing only what you want to do is a reward in itself.

The spontaneous shifts this winter opened the door to notice important moments in our lives. When we pay attention to the moment it slows us down to see so much more—new priorities, new possibilities, and new growth.  Every situation brings the opportunity to produce good. We just have to be aware and let it in.

The winter of 2015 was great, now onto spring. What will we pay attention to?

May each of you enjoy the adventure of life. With peace, love and laughter,


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