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Trichotillomania: A Big Word for Hair Pulling

WEB-ART_TheHairForLife_IMG_20150107_145826376_cmykApproximately anywhere from two to ten million Americans suffer from trichotillomania. People of all ages and ethnicities suffer, but it seems to be more prevalent in women, with an average onset age of eleven years old. While the underlying biology is not clear, what is known is that people with trichotillomania have a neurologically based predisposition to pull their hair as a self-soothing mechanism. The pulling serves as a coping method for anxiety and other emotions.

Trichotillomania is a lot like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) due to the repetitive behavior associated with both disorders. The action of pulling is preceded by an uncomfortable sensation that must be relieved. Unfortunately, the constant pulling creates damage to the follicle and results in a head with little to no hair. In most cases, the hair will grow back. However, there are instances in which the constant pulling damages the hair follicles so much that regrowth does not occur.

Luckily, the Hair for Life Center in Englewood is a trich-friendly salon and specialty center that can replace and repair the damaged hair. A nonsurgical hair enhancement process called IntraLock specializes in treating clients with trichotillomania. During the IntraLock process, tiny hair-like threads are looped around the hair that has not been pulled. Once a pattern has been placed by the thread, new human hair strands are applied and hair is repaired, giving clients the freedom to feel confident again. At the Hair for Life Center, Discretion is their number one priority. All of the hair application rooms are private and performed one-on-one with your very own hair technician. The application takes approximately two or three hours and the new hair lasts up to three years.

Many of the clients express that once the IntraLock process is applied, they do not get the urge to pull out their hair any longer. As their hair grows back, their confidence is boosted and they are able to live without the stress of hiding bald spots.

Karen DeRose is a licensed cosmetologist who has been working with clients suffering with trichotillomania for the past 20 years. To speak with Karen privately, call 201-731-3530. To learn more about the IntraLock process at the Hair for Life Center, call 1-855-328-4247 or visit

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