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Celebrating 60 years in Animal Health

Jun 02, 2015 04:26PM

The Bernardsville Animal Hospital

WEB-BS_Bernardsville_back2Founded in 1957, the Bernardsville Animal Hospital has been operating at the same location for almost 60 years. Since its founding the hospital has changed hands only twice — once in 1961 and again in 1995. The clinic was built by a veterinarian named, oddly enough, Dr. Argue in 1957. We found his name stenciled on the back of fiberglass cages that were upgraded to stainless steel 20 years ago.

Much has changed in the world of veterinary medicine over the past six decades. Veterinary medicine is as advanced today as most human medicine. From laser surgery to MRI’s to radiation therapy for cancer, all are available for treating today’s companion animal.



  • Dogs slept in the owner’s back yard
  • Spaying and neutering was uncommon
  • Surgery with a scalpel
  • Little or no pain management
  • Vaccines based on cost
  • Human-Animal bond not recognized
  • Film and chemical radiographs
  • Use of human labs
  • Untrained kennel workers
  • Cats lived in the barn
  • Few women veterinarians
  • Life span of under 10 years
  • Little or no cancer therapy
  • Little or no behavior counseling
  • Pets were “just animals” [/one_half] [one_half_last]


  • Dogs sleep in the owner’s bed
  • Widespread adoption of early spay/neuter to control pet populations
  • Surgery with a laser
  • Focus on providing pain relief
  • Vaccines based on safety
  • Celebration of the Human-Animal bond
  • Digital radiographs
  • Large Veterinary Laboratories as well as In House Laboratories
  • Professional trained veterinary staff
  • Cats receive complete veterinary care
  • Women outnumber men in veterinary colleges
  • Many pets live past 15
  • Advanced options for cancer management
  • Behavior counseling commonplace
  • Pets are part of the family [/one_half_last]
At the Bernardsville Animal Hospital, our health care team has some of the best trained, most compassionate, friendliest care-givers in the companion medicine community. We proudly practice state-of-the art veterinary medicine; replacing scalpels with a surgical laser and conventional X-ray films with digital radiographs. We treat arthritis in senior pets with therapy laser and use many tools and techniques to create a stress free visit for your pet. We will also make house calls if that is more helpful for you. But most of all, we will always take the necessary time and care to listen to you and your pet so that we can provide the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan to meet you and your pet’s unique situation. Your pet will receive high quality medical services at competitive pricing. Stress-free visits. Here in town. Stellar care at affordable prices. Just what the doctor ordered. Dr. James Baxter received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and his Master’s degree in Veterinary Science from Penn State University before earning his Veterinary Degree from Michigan State University. Prior to attending Penn State, Dr. Baxter was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and served six years. In his spare time, Dr. Baxter enjoys woodworking, writing poetry and playing with his two dogs, Lila and Kiwi. Owned by Dr. Baxter and his wife, Dr. Vedrana Gjivoje, the Bernardsville Animal Hospital is the only laser surgery center in the area.

Location: The Bernardsville Animal Hospital, 41 Morristown Rd., Bernardsville, NJ. For information call 908-766-0041 or visit

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