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Saving Relationships Through Coaching

Is your marriage in trouble? Are you on the verge of possible divorce? Has there been an affair? Ending the relationship may seem like an understandable response, but the consequences, emotionally and financially, can be enormous. Relationship coaching may provide the help needed.

Rhoda Ondov, a relationship coach who is trained in marriage and family therapy, knows the journey well. “I’ve been there. I saved my own marriage from infidelity and disaster, and we are now happily married for over 30 years. But more important, I have helped dozens of other couples in similar situations,” states Ondov. “Having someone with you every step of the way who will help you sort things out and overcome any obstacle can make all the difference.”

Ondov works with both individuals and couples. She also offers a 3-month program called “Couples in Crisis,” customized to her clients’ situation. Feel free to contact her for a free half-hour strategy session to see if relationship coaching fits your needs.

Ondov Relationship Coaching is located in Somerville. 908-642-6256.

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