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Jul 29, 2015 09:47PM
Does Chiropractic Cure ADD/ADHD?

Q: I saw a chiropractic office with a sign advertising to come in if you were suffering from a car accident or ADD/ADHD. Please explain to me how a chiropractor helps with ADD/ADHD? As it is, I am skeptical of this “sickness” to begin with. My ex and her sister had it and used to take medicine for it which I did not support.

Dr. Redmond: In my experience, ADD/ADHD is the consequence of a combination of various behaviors and their effect on the developing child’s brain which, over time, alters brain chemistry. These factors include but are not limited to: lack of structure, sleep, proper nutrition, and exercise, as well as a number of food allergies/sensitivities. I have found that when those things are addressed, a drastic change is often seen in the child.

However, even when those things are not addressed, when you start adjusting a child (just like when adjusting an adult regularly) it allows their nervous system to function more efficiently, allowing them to deal with lack of structure, sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc. more effectively. I’ve seen the same thing happen with autistic children. Within weeks, even people in the waiting room think it’s a different child.

I don’t think medicine is necessarily the answer. From what I’ve seen, it simply replaces the need to do what is best for the child and predisposes them to drug abuse later on... (got a problem? take this pill! But just say no to drugs...)

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