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Communicate with Loved Ones through Psychic Medium, Lisa Miliaresis

Jul 29, 2015 09:36PM
Lisa Miliaresis, psychic medium and author, was born with the ability to channel. Lisa instinctively followed her internal guidance and fine-tuned her abilities until she became an accomplished medium with a lifetime of experiences.

Through her Extreme Communication services, she continuously proves that the soul never dies and our loved ones live on. Her ability to bridge communications from those on the other side has helped many find comfort and healing. Lisa channels publicly in large seminars, small groups and private sessions throughout the country. Her next public event will be held on August 20 in East Brunswick. (See ad on page 29 for details.)

Read about Lisa’s early journey in Being Light Driven; Finding Inner Guidance.

In her interactive workbook, Spiritual Guidance: Trusting the Voice Within, Lisa provides tools in order for the reader to bring awareness to his/her own internal guidance.

For more information, visit Call 856-439-0472. See ad on page 29.

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