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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Expand Your Mind Through The Power of Scent

Harness the power of scent by designing your own personal essential oil blend at the Unique Boutique at Desai Farms of Tewksbury. The effects of aroma on the limbic system of the brain can provide stimulation suitable for any circumstance. The boutique offers organic fragrances from India, Egypt, China, and Dubai and invites clients to align consciousness with instinct through an intimate guided essential oil selection and mixing process. The result is a one-of-a-kind scent, which allows clients to get in touch with their spiritual side, complement relaxation, meditation, and message sessions.

In addition, Desai Farms offers an array of Ayurvedic skincare products for every skin type and Dosha, and pet care for furry friends. Be good to your body the natural way with Dr. Desai skincare.

Location: Desai Farms, 1012 Califon-Cokesbury Road, Lebanon. Call Donna Maria at 908-305-3332 for personal essential oil blend appointment.

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