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You Make It Possible

Last month we celebrated the anniversary of my third year as publisher of this amazing magazine. I will not go into the enormous amounts of gratitude I have to all of you who read Natural Awakenings. Nor will I recite the names of all who work so hard to get it printed and on the shelves. Today I want to share the gratitude I have for all of our loyal advertisers who make it all possible.

For a long time, I have wanted to put in writing the feeling that comes over me when one of our advertisers acknowledges the business we have helped generate for them. When an advertiser voices that advertising with us was one of the best decisions they made with their advertising budgeted dollars, it totally makes my day.

We want to make a difference, and to bring value to our readers. In doing so we hope to bring value to our advertisers. So I urge everyone who picks up our publication try to support our advertisers. We have some unbelievable people with a sense of dedication you will not find just anywhere.

I would like to go through each and every one of them for you but that would take up a few pages. I will not ask you to take my word for it. What I would ask is for you to drop in on them, help support their efforts to bring value to our community of health, wellness, holistic live styles, and nutrition.

Thanks again for being part of our family. In gratitude, Joe

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