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Time Crunch! What to do when you can’t find the time for a workout

It’s late, you have had a long day. Needless to say, you’re tired, cranky, and ready to turn off your mind. While the energy of the couch may be at its most gravitational, it would be a stretch to think about exercise at this point. Yet, you know the importance of living healthier lifestyle and maybe somewhere in your subconscious you even feel a shred of guilt about it.

So, what is someone to do about fitness when they have a truly crazy schedule? Here are 5 tips for the “on the go” fitness warriors out there.

1. Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

There is no way to tell the payout for your fitness efforts right now. It will probably pay the most dividends at the end of your life when it counts the most.

Do not take an all or nothing attitude. If it’s a flatter midsection you are after, then imagine the repercussions of doing 500 crunches every night. There is no need to have a killer workout every day. If you’re doing what you can when you can, you’re doing great.

2. Incorporate the family.

You can easily do the aforementioned crunches while watching TV in the living room with the family. You can also do pushups, planks, squats, single legged dead lifts and countless other motions that require nothing more than a floor and a body. It really is all about wanting it bad enough to do it daily. Think about the positive example you will set for those around you by doing this.

3. Get a workout buddy.

Hopefully your family has been so inspired by you that they decide to walk, or go to the gym instead of watching TV. If your family is less than interested, you may wish to recruit one of your friends. Just make sure it’s someone who wants to be the best version of themselves, someone dedicated, punctual and who pushes you. The last thing you need is a distraction from your fitness goals.

4. Put down your phone.

The average person spends a good part of their day aimlessly scrolling social media. Imagine if they spent half that time being proactive about achieving their goals. We must make the most of the time we have, once it is gone it can not be replaced.

5. Hire a Master Personal Trainer.

If you want the best out of yourself, get someone with the know-how to get you there. A master trainer can typically get results five times faster than anyone else (which ultimately saves you time), and will always give your money back if they fail. A legitimate master trainer will gladly provide their working resume, but note that anyone with less than 10 years experience has not had ample time to become a master of the human body. The big advantage of a master personal trainer is having someone hold you accountable. That way you are far less likely to skip a workout.

It is my hope that you find a reason to be healthier and keep on that quest for years to come. We are competing with ourselves, the goal is to be better than we were yesterday. In order to do that, we must take an honest look at our lives and see if we can give more or not.

Joseph Anthony (Trainer Joe) Amoroso is the definition of Holistic Master Trainer.  Trainer Joe is well known as a self help author and as an expert on the human body’s reaction to exercise.  During his 19 year career of helping people achieve balance and health he became a well known celebrity master trainer and was known in A-list circles for his “Miracle Work.” Trainer Joe’s is located 101 Mount Bethel Road in Warren. 908-339-7466.

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