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Joseph R. Mele, DDS 

Dr. Mele is a mercury-free dentist who provides professional general dentistry services. He has extensive post graduate training in all phases of dentistry including the growth and development of children’s teeth and jaws, and he continues to stay current in the latest advances in dental care.

As a biological dentist, he is keenly aware of the impact the oral cavity has on the body and the power that a biological dentist has to dramatically improve the overall health of the patient. Dr. Mele is a co-inventor of ActaLine®, a new revolutionary patented therapeutic technique which works on the body’s meridians. He uses ActaLine® Therapy extensively in his practice to open the meridians of the oral cavity achieving amazing results. He has trained other dentist and health care providers in pioneering this new field of Energy Dentistry®.

The Center for Advanced Care in Dentistry 215 Union Avenue, Suite D Bridgewater, NJ 908-526-2266 |

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