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Healing Our Food Supply

Mar 01, 2016 04:27PM

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m so thankful for those in this world who are leading the charges of change. One person who informs and inspires me is Robyn O’Brien. Her online “Ted Talk” and her book “The Unhealthy Truth” expose the toxity problem in our food supply, and how we got here. This issue has always been a passion for me; my thanks to you, Robyn, and all the others fighting for us.

When I hear politicians talk about saving us from this or that threat, I wish one of them would expose the information contained in her book. Changing food labels, holding companies accountable, removing the barriers to a healthier food supply, using common sense for the human population. Just once I would like to hear a politician state we will clean up our mistakes, allowing chemicals in our preservatives, dyes in our vitamins, etc. Robyn refers to the situation as epidemic.

If this is new to you, it’s not difficult to get up to date. Start with Robyn’s book and the documentary “Genetic Roulette.” Then add the “Human Experiment” narrated by Sean Penn to fill in the gaps. I think it might change the way you look at food. The additives, chemicals and junk in our food all add up to bad health. What a difference it would make in our children’s future if we all got involved.

Speaking of wellness, you may have noticed water being all over the news these days. Michigan is likely one of many problems. Time will tell. A few months ago, I had Smart Water (one of our advertisers) install a reverse osmosis system with a four liter purification container under our sink. I can only say water is now water in my house. Yes, this is a plug for Drew at Smart Water. He tested my water, and all the extra particles are gone. My water is as good as it gets. The pH is correct and the water tastes great. Check them out.

In peace, love, laughter, health, and gratitude.


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