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Quantum Floats Q & A with Ken Kaplan

Apr 01, 2016 04:17PM

ART_QuantumFloats_KenKaplan_cmykRecently we had a chance to sit down with Ken Kaplan, owner of Quantum Floats, to learn more about floating and its benefits.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: My wife, Maria, and I are from New York, but settled in Bridgewater in 1990 to raise a family. I have been a corporate lawyer since 1990 and have worked at several New Jersey law firms and corporations. In 2009, I opened my own law firm. And what started as a solo practice has grown into Kaplan, Williams & Graffeo, a corporate law firm located in Morristown. In November 2015 I opened Quantum Floats, a floatation center in Bedminster.

Q: What exactly is floating?

A: Floating has been around since the 1970s and has recently gained in popularity. The basic idea behind floating is simple. By removing light, sound, sensation of hot and cold and the effects of gravity on the body, the mind and body can deeply relax. We achieve this by floating in a large, dark and quiet chamber that contains 10 inches of skin temperature water, (around 94 degrees), where 1000 pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved. This is why you float effortlessly.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Over the past 40 years research has shown the benefits of floating range from reducing stress; reducing pain from illness, injury or simply overworked muscles; improving sleep; mental clarity; increased creativity and problem solving.

Q: What compelled a successful corporate attorney to own a float center?

A: About four years ago, while attending a business networking event, I met a woman who worked in a floatation center. I had been looking for a way to reduce stress and floating sounded like a great solution, and it was. I also signed up for the Mental Arts seminars that were offered by the float center. The seminars offer clients not only an experience to examine their own thinking patterns, but also practical tools to adjust those patterns, so they can accomplish their goals and lead a far less stressful life. What I discovered through floating and the seminars are tools that anyone can use to improve our relationships with one another, including our relationships within the business world. Seeing the improvements I brought about in my life, I realized the need for those tools to be offered within our community. Quantum Floats also offers these seminars.

Q: What’s ahead for Quantum Floats?

A: Quantum Floats currently has three float suites. We are in the process of building a larger facility in Bedminster, where we will have 9 to 10 floatation tanks, massage therapy and space for seminars and community events.

Quantum Floats is located at One Robertson Drive, Bedminster, NJ 07921. For information, call 973-782- 3227.

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