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A Foundation in the Past, An Investment for the Future

Apr 01, 2016 04:11PM

Summer camp... The words conjure up images of campfires, sailing, hiking, and most of all, friends. Remember when summer meant camp? Well, it still does! A summer at Camp Regis-Applejack provides campers with all the images you remember, plus many more, combining to make a unique memory for campers today.

When Earl and Pauline Hume opened their camp in 1946, they had specific goals. One was to provide a diverse community of campers and staff from all backgrounds—the campers and staff developed an understanding and compassion for those that may look, worship, speak or perhaps act differently than themselves. Most of the families that choose to send their children to Regis-Applejack want them to be in a rich environment where it doesn’t matter what parents do for a living, their religion, the color of their skin or where they live.

The interest in having a diverse community stems in part from the Hume’s family’s association with the Society of Friends and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Although Camp Regis-Applejack is completely no-denominational, much of the respect for individuals and their differences, the low-key, down-to-earth attitude, and nonjudgmental, non-competitive atmosphere stems from this background. This tradition of diversity is carried on through the Hume’s son, Michael, who is now the owner/director of the camp.

Although grounded on traditions of the past, Camp Regis-Applejack has evolved over the past 70 years to focus on the need of today’s children and families. In providing two-, three- and five-week sessions, there’s an awareness that some families want to spend a part of the summer vacation traveling and relaxing as a family unit.

It’s also important for parents to choose a camp which adapts to the child’s individual needs. By providing skilled instruction in athletics, the visual and performing arts, aquatics and wilderness exploration, campers can try new activities plus improve on already existing skills. Under the watchful eye of the program specialty staff, enthusiastic skill-building helps campers grow in confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment of the many activities offered.

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