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Ear Candling Therapy Alleviates Springtime Allergies

Apr 01, 2016 03:02PM

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or sufferers of seasonal allergies, ear candling is a great alternative therapy. Often times, excessive earwax and sinus issues or seasonal allergies go hand in hand. Ear candling is a relaxing, effective and safe way to remove excessive ear wax and impurities from the ear canal.

It opens up the channels and allows for the sinuses to drain. Ear candles are made out of a muslin cloth that is coated in paraffin wax. The simple procedure takes about an hour and does not involve dripping wax. The client is comfortably lying on a massage table and one end of the candle is lit. As the candle burns down, it is snipped off with scissors and placed into a bowl of water. The process continues until the candle is extinguished, and then a second candle is used to ensure as much wax is removed as possible. Then, it is repeated on the other side.

As a special gift for Natural Awakenings readers, Kimberly is offering $5 off ear candling for new clients in month of April.

Kimberly Redfern, owner of Therapeutic Touch by Kim, LLC, has over 27 years experience with various types of massage and ear candling. For more information, call 908-788-1974 or 908-303-5587.

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