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The Transformation of Man

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his month Natural Awakenings focuses on Men’s health. I would like to take a peek at how men have grown, in spirit, in behavior, and in fatherhood.

My father drove himself to the hospital while having chest pains. He didn’t ask for help. The false pride developed over time, and his hard upbringing programed him to never ask for help.

At that period of time in my life, the “Marlboro Man” was a popular advertisement campaign. It suggested what a true man looked like. Rugged, independent, a loner, needing no one. That was the impression it left on me. I can only imagine the impressions my father’s generation received.

This is but a small example of the uphill battle men have faced to reach the point of taking better care of themselves. Today men have grown in spirit, understand physical well-being and, most importantly, fatherhood. It makes me proud when I see that involved dad at the playground, in the supermarket, or walking the streets—especially on a bright sunny day, his baby slung from one shoulder in total comfort. A wonderful picture of a proud dad. This vivid picture for me is a direct re ection of how fatherhood has grown.

Years ago a man would have been ridiculed, and even shunned by the male community if you were a “stay at home dad.” Actuallly, it was unheard of. If there were men performing that job, no one would ever talk openly about “that occupation.” Thank God that has changed. As with all growth time takes time, and fathers today are so much more advanced. It is the model; we must never stop developing fatherhood. I applaud all fathers; it is a tough job, but a worthy one. Keep growing, stay with the commitment, be the best father you can be, for it is the best occupation. The rewards are not monetary. But I ask you what is respect worth, unconditional love worth, a secure family worth? I would say priceless.

Happy Father’s Day, Give your dad a big hug if you can. If you can’t then make it an emotional hug.

In love, peace and gratitude,


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