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The Unexpected Cause of Chronic Pain

Sep 01, 2016 09:48AM
If you suffer from nagging back or neck pain, there’s a good chance you’ve been told that you have one or more bulging discs.

This can sound like a scary diagnosis, often coupled by a recommendation for corrective surgery. Before you go under the knife, understand that you may have alternative, more effective, options.

Besides being potentially unnecessary, surgery may not be the best way to eliminate your pain. The truth is, back surgery has a very low success rate; it tends to work for chronic back pain less than 30% of the time. Additionally, bulging disks rarely, if ever, cause chronic back or neck pain. Several excellent medical studies at reputable facilities have shown that about 66% of people walk around with bulging or even ruptured discs without experiencing any pain. In fact, thousands of people have already eliminated neck and back pain by treating the true cause of it, without doing anything to their bulging discs.

It turns out the best fix for your pain has nothing to do with surgery, physical therapy, pain injections or any physical treatments. 97% of the time, the real cause of chronic back and neck pain has to do with stress, tension and buried emotions—not something physically wrong with the spine. It’s much easier to deal with tension than it is to fix a disc. By using specific, easily-learned mind/body techniques, most people can permanently eliminate their chronic neck or back pain in less than a month. When you realize the root of the pain is emotional not physical, the chronic discomfort melts away with minimal effort.

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