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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Celebrating Our 4th Year

Its’s funny how things come full circle. This week I got together with Mary Piirsalu Not realizing it was four years ago this month that I published our first issue after purchasing it in August. For those of you that know Mary she is doing well. Recently married in July, and she seems to be loving life. So this is my month to say thanks to Mary and Step for being so gracious to me in working out the terms of sale that allowed me to become the publisher. Natural Awakenings has truly changed my life and the life of my family. I have to say I’m overrun with gratitude as I think of those moments.

Thanks as usually to our loyal readers for without you picking up the magazine we would have nothing. And I have to thank the readers also for the support you have shown our advertisers, who are the glue that holds the process of printing and success together for all of us. Kind of a win, win, win situation.

Naturally to our advertisers who have supported our community and Natural Awakenings. It is amazing to me that we still have advertisers that started with us or with Mary from the very beginning.

In the last four years we have accomplished much. I hope I have learned enough to achieve my dreams and the direction for the future of our magazine. I have to admit though I never feel we do enough for you, the reader, or the advertisers. I always want to add more value to you. I promise you this though, I will keep trying, learning and doing until I reach my goals, and bring you the best holistic magazine in New Jersey.

In peace, and much gratitude,

P.S. Without Kathy Tarbell, my managing editor and voice of reason, I would not be here celebrating our fourth year. She, as many of you know, is the best, the backbone, and the lady who steers the ship. I have so much appreciation for her. I can actually call her friend.

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