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Meet Sue Ann Seccia-Harnden, Owner of Fifth Dimension Healing Energy, LLC

We recently sat down to get to know Sue Ann Seccia-Harnden, owner of Fifth Dimension Healing Energy, LLC better….

NACNJ: You seem to wear many hats in your business; tell us more about what you do.

SASH: My primary focus as a healing practitioner is to serve both people and their pets by guiding them to become the best versions of themselves possible. I do this by clearing and removing energetic obstacles and replacing those with freedom and clarity—freedom from stuck or negative life patterns allowing for free flow of life force energy for their body, mind, and emotions, and clarity about their true mission, purpose and inner nature so they can remember who they are and what they want to experience in their life.

When people approach me, they are usually feeling stuck, off-balance, not like themselves. They may have tried traditional healing approaches and found them lacking. They really don’t know what else to do. By helping them understand the complex energetic structure that we call body, mind, and spirit, and showing them how they can release energy patterns that aren’t serving them well anymore, they get to re-discover their joy, energy, passion, and feel like they are clear and on track in life.

NACNJ: Does this take a long time to accomplish?

SASH: Sometimes all it takes is one session to completely shift the person’s energy pattern to a more positive place. For many people it takes several sessions to gently lift off and remove those layers of energetic gunk that are holding them back. Energy healing can address diverse conditions from relieving back pain, arthritis, colds/flu, and inflammation in the physical body, to helping them clear the mental/emotional and subconscious/unconscious fog so they can find their path back to their true spiritual nature and life path.

NACNJ: What are the “tools of your trade,” so to speak?

SASH: I use a variety of energy medicine based approaches to do this including Reiki/Animal Reiki, Spiritual Response Technique (SRT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Flower Essences, Homeopathy, and Animal Communication.

NACNJ: Do you have to have the person in front of you?

SASH: Clients generally come in-person for sessions that last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. I also do distance healing sessions, and consultation sessions via Skype or phone. Energy work lends itself nicely to this “virtual” approach, so clients who can’t travel can be served in the comfort of their home. This works well with clients recovering from surgery, older clients who can’t drive, and animal clients who have car travel anxiety, or anyone with mobility issues. I actually do quite a bit of distance healing with animals—both domestic and wild. Animals totally “get” energy healing and usually respond well since it’s a natural approach for them.

Mystical energy generating from open hands. Digital illustration.NACNJ: Is there a special joy in your work...something you particularly enjoy doing?

SASH: I also love teaching people Reiki! It’s so joyful to see students blossom with the understanding of how this ancient healing art can serve them in creating a healthy, balanced life. For some it’s the beginning of a self-care routine to promote health, and for others it deepens an existing spiritual practice and enhances their journey.

I am passionate about educating the public about holistic, natural, balanced living. For three years I produced and hosted the nationally syndicated, live weekly radio program “Holistic Around Hunterdon” to introduce the public to the variety of holistic practitioners and services available in our local community. And because I am also passionate about helping great holistic practitioners become great business people so they can survive, thrive, and serve more people with their gifts, I also run a monthly mastermind group program called “Manifesting Through Masterminds” ™

NACNJ: Tell us three facts about you that people may not know…

SASH: Well that’s fun! I became an FAA certified private pilot in 1995; while I enjoyed spin training and sky diving training, I think its more fun to fly planes than jump out of them!... I have an identical twin sister, but we do not have the same birth date. Yep, we were actually born on two different days over midnight! … I have been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2006. It is a grueling certification to achieve; I am proud to have maintained my credentials and knowledge base, which also greatly help me as an entrepreneur.

NACNJ: What led you to energy medicine and running a holistic healing practice?

SASH: I was in the corporate world for a good 30 years of my adult life, and thrashing around behind the scenes trying to figure who I was, what I wanted, and what mattered while working 50-60 hour work weeks and getting very stressed and burned out. About 20 years ago, I stumbled across an empath and psychic, took some classes, started reading a lot of different metaphysical books. As I became more awake, I knew that the metaphysical and healing path was my real calling and passion.

I took yoga, Reiki, herbal medicine, homeopathy, SRT and animal communication training in my spare time, and was essentially leading a double life! It took a lot of pushing from the Universe, but I finally found a graceful way to jump off the corporate track in 2012 and into my current world. I have to say, every healing tool I now use to support my clients is something I have used myself to naturally overcome all sorts of health issues in the last 20 years. I don’t do well with traditional western medicine. It doesn’t resonate with my body, so I had to find another way to get and keep myself healthy. Now I enjoy teaching other people and helping them discover their true nature and gifts through my practice.

NACNJ: If you had to describe your life in one word, what would it be?

SASH: Magical! There are magical, joyful, miraculous, amazing things happening around us all the time if we let ourselves be present and open to them! Doing energy work is like alchemy; through it we can transform the dross into gold, the heaviness into lightness, the blocks into flow, the fog into clarity… it’s truly magical!

Contact Sue Ann at 908-730-0658 or [email protected]

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