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Trauma Relief for Veterans in Hackettstown

Oct 02, 2016 11:21PM
Ruth Karmazon, director of Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C., is the daughter of WWII veteran Chief Petty Officer William Karmazon. Ruth understands how much veterans and their families can be affected by the experiences of military service. As a way of giving back to this very important community, Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C. will soon open its community acupuncture room to provide veterans with a research-documented acupuncture protocol that is great for calming stress and anxiety, addressing sleep issues, plus healing trauma and PTSD. The program begins on Veterans Day, November 11 and continues on Fridays from 11:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Service dogs are welcome.

Ruth understands the challenges of returning veterans well. Her father, CPO Karmazon, served on the United States Naval Cruiser USS Helena, which engaged in many battles, including the bombing of Pearl Harbor, before sinking into the Kula Gulf. While CPO Karmazon, like many other veterans, rarely spoke about his time in war, he did share enough to tell his story. Ruth and her sisters each have a scrapbook that charts the battles of the USS Helena and their father’s time in the war, and to this day Ruth can often be seen wearing her father’s Kula Gulf Swim Club hat.

Acupuncture can help ease veteran transitions to civilian life, which in turn helps to support the friends and family who care for them during and after their service.

Location: Karmabridge Center, 490 Schooley’s Mountain Road, #3B, Hackettstown. 908-852-1267.

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