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Central Jersey Beauty and Wellness Solutions, Trish Trygar & Jamie Trygar

Trish Trygar, co-owner of Central Jersey Beauty and Wellness Solutions, was amazed when she discovered Strawberry Laser Inch Loss. This FDA approved, laser procedure shrinks fat cells, tightens skin, diminishes stretch marks and fades cellulite without pain, needles or downtime. “I learned about this when I saw a friend who looked fantastic. I asked what she was doing, and she said ‘Lipo Laser,’” states Trish. “I could not resist so I tried it and it worked! So I purchased the 8 sessions and lost inches and 15 lbs, dropping from an x-large to a large.”

Strawberry Laser gets its name from the cold red laser beams which penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the fat cells. When the light hits these cells, a rapid chain of events takes place which enable the adipocyte cells to reduce in size. It also tightens skin and helps with stretch marks. A double-blind clinical study on laser lipo determined that an average of 3.7 inches were lost over the course of 8 treatments. But it does more than improve appearance. It also helps with lymphatic drainage, circulation, muscle strength and bone density.

“My own experience was so great that I wanted to share this with the world so they can experience this too,” shares Trish. “My daughter, Jamie, and I went through extensive training in the U.K., to quality as master trainers to administer treatments. Then we opened a Strawberry Laser Lipo Clinic in November 2015 here in Fords, NJ.”

The center has recently expanded its services to offer massage therapies, including Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy and myofascial massage.

“Everyone is welcome to come see how Strawberry Lipo Laser can make you look and feel better,” says Trish.

Central Jersey Beauty & Wellness Solutions, 720 King George Road, Fords. 848-203-3813.

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