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Don’t Speak Your Animal’s Language?

Ask An Animal Communicator to Translate!

Want to know what your cat thinks of her new food or why she is peeing outside the litter box? Would you like to know if your dog is lonely and wants a sibling? Want to know why your pet keeps doing those funny antics to try to get your attention? Or if they are experiencing pain or discomfort in their body due to an illness or injury? What is he/she trying to tell you? Don’t you wish you spoke the same language so your pet could just tell you in plain English what they want, or how they feel?

This is where an animal communicator can be a tremendous help to translate your pet’s thoughts, needs, and desires into human-speak. An animal communicator is like a foreign-language translator who can bridge the gap between species and bring about common understanding of an issue between you and your pet.

Animal communication uses telepathic (sometimes described as feeling over a distance) and empathic (defined as entering of one person into the emotional state of another while remaining objective and distinctly separate) communication techniques to tune-into the energetic vibrations and consciousness of the animal to facilitate communication and understanding. Telepathy was the original language we all shared, and it’s something we can all remember how to do if we wish.

This work can be done with animals, both living or in spirit, plants, or minerals. Animal communicators are able to help bring clarity from the animal’s perspective on a situation as well as share the pet parent’s feelings and intentions from the human perspective.

Animal communicators may perceive, receive, and discern information in various forms such as physical sensation, feelings and emotions, impressions, colors, smells, tastes, seeing or hearing words, seeing pictures or scenes, depending on their individual abilities. People often seek out animal communicators to help better understand their companion animals and their physical, mental, emotional needs, to help understand and solve behavioral or household environment issues, or to find lost animals.

Many animal communicators work remotely with the client animal, although some do work face-to-face. For remote work, a photo of the animal is requested, along a description of their species/ breed, gender, age, and any other identifying characteristics. A description of the challenge, issues, ailment, etc. that you are seeking to understand will also needed, as well as any specific questions you wish to ask of the animal. A time will be setup to “tune-in” and communicate with the animal “offline,” with a phone follow-up with the owner to debrief. Session times vary by the complexity of the issues, but can generally be done in as little as 10 – 30 minutes or as long as an hour. More complex cases, such as lost animal retrieval, may be referred out to an animal communicator who specializes in that work.

I have successfully helped many pet parents to understand, harmonize and balance many situations through fostering the common understanding of a household dynamic or problem. Sometimes the biggest shift comes just from the animal being asked to share their perspective and being heard and valued for their opinion and thoughts.

Through animal communication, I’ve helped pet parents:

  • understand why their pets don’t get along with each other or a particular human
  • resolve territorial issues within a pack
  • identify physical, mental/emotional level ailments to help support and complement veterinarian care treatment
  • reveal life purpose and spiritual teacher gifts that the animal is here to offer their human family
  • bring to light healing issues for the pet parent that the animal is mirroring in themselves
  • help with training or socializing pets
  • help their animal move through a physical level healing challenge by addressing an emotional issue the animal is stuck in
  • get peace of mind by communicating a vacation travel, work schedule, or lifestyle change to the animals ahead of time and allowing the pet to ask questions and get reassurance about their care during the owner’s absence or transition to a new situation
Ultimately it’s about fostering good communication and understanding, just like any good relationship. Hearing what your pet really thinks, needs, and wants, can deepen your loving bond even further as you honor them by valuing their perspective.

Sue Ann Seccia-Harnden is the owner of Fifth Dimension Healing Energy, LLC in Clinton, NJ. She is a Usuing Reiki Master-Teacher, specializing in Animal Reiki and Animal Communication. Please contact Sue Ann at 908-730-0658, or email [email protected].

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