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Heidi Kiebler-Brogan, MA, LPC IE Counseling

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Heidi Kiebler-Brogan, MA, LPC, for an insider’s view of her practice, IE Counseling and what makes it so special.

“Being real—the ability to know one’s self; to be honest and communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly in a non-threatening way to another human being—it’s what I strive for in my personal life and bring to my professional practice,” states Heidi Kiebler-Brogan, MA, LPC. “That reciprocal acceptance and understanding is where trust and relationships are built. It is the cement of my practice.” Part of her commitment to mental fitness lies on the physical side: Heidi is a competitive athlete who trains in kickboxing, karate, and mixed martial arts. The practice also reflects her own life—it’s all about family, and everything she does has a family agenda attached to it. So, it was no surprise to learn that 70% of her business is family/relationship counseling, and the balance devoted to individual and corporate counseling, and coaching. She works with people in every stage of life-childhood through adulthood and specializes in anxiety, ADHD, depression, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, relationship issues, performance coaching for athletes, as well as organizational consultation and executive coaching.web_SPOT_IECounseling_IMG_2541_cmyk

Heidi’s approach is goal orientated, outcome driven, and extremely interactive. “I want my clients to not need me. To not rely on me or the sessions, but to function within their own success,” says Kiebler-Brogan. Long-term therapy is not the goal at IE Counseling. Sessions are structured to provide clients with the tools and techniques they need to achieve the life they desire. Working in the “now” is one of many tools she uses to help her clients achieve their desired outcomes.

“I fell in love with psychology shortly after high school, and I have never ever thought about doing anything else. I have spent my life’s time learning. To this day, after my BA from Rutgers, my MA from Seton Hall and my post graduate work at Rider; I still read, participate in professional organizations, attend numerous conferences and completely pursue growth in my profession. I consider myself a lifelong learner, as there is always more to explore and experience.”

When asked why she does this, her natural reply was “Because I love what I do!”

“I really would have a hard time even trying to conceive of doing anything else,” Heidi explained. “For the past 17 years in my practice I’ve felt blessed. I love going to work each day. For me working with people, helping them change, watching them grow, and learn how to truly live, the relationship becomes reciprocal. When my clients become mentally and emotionally healthy they gain the ability to positively influence those around them. This has great impact on the world we live in.

Before our time together ended, I asked, “What is the most difficult client to work with?” Heidi paused in thought before answering, “’the stuck client,’” resistant to change, pushing back, defending their belief systems, and justifying their self-destructive behavior. The great thing about the difficult is that the biggest challenge yields the biggest rewards.” This testimonial from a patient on IE Counseling’s website affirms Heidi’s statement: “I have never liked change, but you helped me see that change is what we make of it and it turned out to be the greatest gift I have ever received. Thank you!”

Let me close with a personal observation. I am usually quite good at reading people. My intuition is spot on more than not, and I would second Heidi’s observation of herself. She comes across as someone you can trust, warm and easy to talk to, and I would say, real. It was a pleasure getting to know this exceptional person.

IE Counseling has two locations: 34 Dumont Road in Far Hills; and 1812 Front Street in Scotch Plains. For more information, please call 908-456-1871 or visit

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