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Feel like a VIP at Valley Integrative Pharmacy

At Valley Integrative Pharmacy in Bedminster, they offer more than filling prescriptions: they help patients live their best life with complementary holistic and alternative therapies. The staff has experience with homeopathy, herbs, pharmaceutical grade supplements and nutraceuticals. They offer a line of services that include thermography, CardioMetabolic, hormone, thyroid, micronutrient, MTHFR and Omega testing, reiki, private holistic cancer support, skin care, workshops and more. There are private consults with holistic nutritionists, herbalists, homeopaths, and holistic estheticians. They work closely with naturopaths and the functional medical community.

The skilled staff is able to assist patients, physicians and other health care providers both with conventional drug therapy and with the selection and use of integrative/complementary therapies to enhance care. Their primary concerns are patient safety, efficacy of all therapies, appropriate use of evidence-based information and the fostering of patient responsibility for individual health care choices.

Experience the difference at Valley Integrative Pharmacy today!

Location: 75 Washington Valley Road, Bedminster. Fore more information, visit or call at 908-658-4900.

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