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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Family Constellations Workshop

It’s very possible that an issue you struggle with has its roots in hidden dynamics within your family system. If you struggle with an issue: money, relationships, success, or depression, it may be rooted in hidden dynamics within your family system. On November 15, from 7 to 9pm, join Kerry Kay as she explains how the past influences today with Family Constellations. An early death, loss, estrangement, war, addiction or severe illness can affect us, and our children, today. In a Family

Constellations workshop, we have the opportunity to examine the source of a difficulty and emerge with a new way of seeing and being.  This powerful and innovative system provides us with an out picturing of internal dynamics that are often difficult to name or recognize, thus providing us with an opportunity to heal and move forward. Participants have the opportunity to work in a group situation that is profoundly safe and supportive. Whether or not a person has the chance to present an issue or examine a question, all who attend receive benefit because these issues, struggles and dynamics are universal. The class costs $10.

Kerry Kay’s healing work started 19 years ago when she began her Reiki training. Since then, she has trained in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Family Constellations. Kerry also teaches healing modalities and meditation. Location: Sand Hills Community Wellness Center, 57 Sand Hills Road, Kendall Park. For more information, call 732-419-3551 or visit

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