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Practicing Pro-Active Prevention

Are you really absorbing the nutrients you need to maintain optimal health?

If you are reading this magazine you most likely already understand the importance of adopting a healthy diet to make sure you are feeding your body real nutrients to make it strong and resilient.

But how do you know if what you are eating is actually nourishing your body? Are you really getting all the nutrients your body needs? Often family members may be following the same healthy diet already, but not everyone is thriving. This may be due to underlying imbalances, such as micronutrient deficiencies.

Why is it that even if we eat a balanced diet we may be missing certain micronutrients? Each of us is biochemically and metabolically unique and our micronutrient needs can vary quite substantially. Our level of physical activity, existing health conditions, exposure to environmental and emotional stressors, prescription or even over-the-counter drugs and lifestyle choices all impact our individual micronutrient needs.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could determine, on an individual level, if our bodies actually absorbed all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it required? Lingering deficiencies are often one of the root causes for suppressing the immune system, underlying many acute as well as chronic health conditions and degenerative diseases including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes II. Luckily there is a solution that will help each of us determine just that.

Spectracell Laboratories offers a unique functional approach to determine whether you are depleted of micronutrients inside your cells. Standard blood tests measure only certain basic nutrients in your blood serum, but this does not provide information on how well these nutrients are actually being absorbed and used by each cell. Spectracell uses a patented micronutrient test that measures how well your white blood cells are absorbing over 30 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and fatty acids. The resulting report provides an extensive and meaningful overview of your real nutritional status. This allows you to create a personalized nutrition and supplementation program to address any imbalances. It is targeted, pro-active prevention in action and ensures that your body is optimally nourished, and your immune system is systematically and consistently strengthened.

Valley Integrative Pharmacy in Bedminster, NJ, a true gem in the integrative, compounding pharmacy world, understands the importance of educating its patients and the public about practicing pro-active prevention to help get to the root cause of many health imbalances. Twice a month a Spectracell team uses the pharmacy as a location to offer their micronutrient testing. As micronutrient status also affects hormone levels, heart health and even genetic mutations; additional tests include complete hormone and thyroid panels, detailed cardiometabolic, pre-diabetes and omega check tests and genetic MTHFR testing. As an added service, once results are available, holistic health practitioners offer a private consultation to help patients understand their results and guide them to taking the first steps to rectify any existing imbalances.

To make an appointment at Valley Integrative Pharmacy call 908-658-4900.

Kirstin Nussgruber, CNC, EMB and founder of Eat Holistic LLC. Besides running her own successful practice in which she mentors cancer patients who are newly diagnosed, in active treatment or beyond cancer, she is also passionate about educating clients how to effectively practice pro-active prevention. When not mentoring clients all over the country and even internationally, she can be found consulting at Valley Integrative Pharmacy, 75 Washington Valley Rd, Bedminster on two days per week.

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