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Attract Love by Emanating It

Dec 06, 2016 11:46AM
If you are looking for love this holiday season, your attention could be more on its absence than its presence. Here’s an idea which will shift your experience for the better.

Imagine for a moment that love is light, and that the lack of love in your life is darkness.

Looking around, you may decide to have more light in your life. At first, all you notice are the dark spaces. Not so bad, right? You realize you need more light.

You resolve your dilemma by bringing a lamp or two into the room. You don’t wrestle with darkness or complain about how long it’s been dark. You know that that doesn’t work. You simply bring more light.

This example illustrates that the darkness or lack is not something that you need to eliminate or wrestle to the ground. These limiting perspectives represent the absence of light and they have no power of permanency to them. That is, unless you give them power by fighting them.

How do you bring more light (love) into your life?

You would find a way to fan the flames of love, by shining and sharing the love you do have. The more you overflow with self-love, the more you have to share. This attention to love generates and emanates even more love.

As you emanate more of the love you are, it attracts much like a beacon in a lighthouse or airfield. Each beacon has a unique color and pattern of light. This signal tells the ship or plane if this is the right place. As you emanate, those who are seeking you—friends, companions, or your soulmate—find you. The rest turn away. As you let them go, those who love the real you are drawn to you.

Love Attraction Coach Lisa Caroselli helps people release heartbreak, enjoy dating, and attract their soulmate while they create a life that they love. Learn practical ways to apply spiritual principles to attract love in your life. In-person and online programs, For information, contact lca[email protected] or 908-605-6266.

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