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Ayurveda in Our Neighborhood

Jan 04, 2017 11:28AM
Ayurvedashram, an holistic wellness center located conveniently on Route 1 in North Brunswick, brings the ancient healing science of India to our communities.

Ayurveda is about living in harmony with nature and your inner conscience. Fundamental to Ayurveda is the idea of prakriti, or a balance of body humors (doshas) that we are born with, and animbalance of the humors known as vikruti. Vikruti is caused by incorrect dietary and emotional habits, environmental toxins and stress. Ayurveda practitioners take into consideration the client’s health, mental and emotional state, the weather, dietary habits and spiritual state to find the root cause of the problem and initiate a healing protocol that works from the inside out.

Co-founder Pari Mudiginty, a licensed pharmacist and Ayurvedic practitioner explains, “We guide our clients with dietary choices, herbs, detoxification therapies, yoga and meditation that is tailor made for their prakriti and temperament. This individualized approach and emphasis on wellness management is what drew me to Ayurveda.” Additionally, co-founder Priyaa Baalaa, a Kundalini meditation master, brings a unique perspective to healing with a degree in Ayurvedic medicine from India, a diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga and is also trained in Acupuncture from China.

Ayurvedashram offers comprehensive Dosha assessments, consultations and is a fully equipped Pancha karma (detox) center. This month, Ayurvedashram launches its Ayurveda in Disease Management workshop series. The first class, presented on January 26 and 31, is all about thyroid care.

Location: Ayurvedashram, 2070 Route 1, 2nd floor, North Brunswick. For more information, call 732-658-6122 or visit

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