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Suzi Manning Personally Yours Lingerie

If you’ve been in business 43 years, and have customers traveling from Long Island, South Jersey, and Upstate NY, to get fitted for a bra, you must be doing something right. Meet Suzi Manning of Personally Yours Lingerie.

The moment you walk into Personally Yours boutique, you notice the positive energy, the smiles, and the friendliness of the staff. You expect to have fun, and you aren’t disappointed.  “Fun…that’s what we do,” exclaims store proprietor Suzi Manning. “Remember, a woman who wears an ill-fitted bra under a $200 blouse does not look her best. However, a woman wearing a properly fitted bra under a $20 t-shirt will look terrific.”

It doesn’t take long to realize there is a serious purpose behind the fun and fashion. At Personally Yours, you not only receive a professional bra fitting,  and a wide range of quality brands, manufactured and engineered with incredible precision from which to choose—you also receive the Bra 101 course in breast health.

It is no surprise that many woman dislike wearing their bras. Like so many things in our one-size-fits-all world, bras have been patterned to lump everyone into general categories of size. Suzi knows the error of that standard. Originally, as a science major, she studied human anatomy and learned the structure and importance of the breast gland. An improperly fitted bra is not only uncomfortable, it may also damage lymph nodes, create back pain and stress tendons.

Her clients constantly express delight and amazement when they first experience the total comfort of a proper fit, however, general wear is not the only consideration to finding the perfect bra. Is the bra for work or play? Will it be used for sports? (Sports bras require additional support for ligaments and tendons, plus need to allow oxygen to flow freely.) Nursing bra? Special occasion? Swimwear? Do you have fabric sensitivities? (We offer Anita International which doesn’t leave a speck of residual chemicals, no formaldehyde, no toxic chemical is even considered in their manufacturing process.) Do you require a unique bra size? (Our inventory includes sizes from 32AA to 46DDD, and we offer specialty sizes 32E to 46K.) There are many questions which the fitting addresses, and the entire staff is well trained in knowing and communicating the answers.

“My mom, Harriett, started the business 43 years ago,” shares Suzi. “I know without a doubt the positive difference my mom made for women, and I’m thrilled to be able to carry on the tradition. And it is a tradition. Generations of women…mothers, daughters, granddaughters come here for their perfect bra and fitting.”

People spend their money with people they like, from people they trust, from people who are real. That is a primary component to success, and Personally Yours delivers the goods—they know what a woman needs in a bra, and serve it up with a whole heap of fun!

Location:  Personally Yours Lingerie, 315 Main Street, Bedminster. For information contact 908-234-1444 or [email protected].

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