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Hidden Food Allergies

By Dr. Christine Garvey, D.C.

Food allergies, particularly in children, are clearly on the rise. According to Dr. Hugh Sampson, a food allergy specialist at Mount Sinai School of medicine in New York, “We are certain that in the future the number and severity of food allergies are going to increase.”

Many food allergies are classified as hidden allergies due to the fact that an individual may be consuming a food, often times on a daily basis, and have no idea that they have an allergic reaction to it. The most common food allergies are dairy, wheat, sugar, yeast, coffee, nuts, eggs, shellfish, alcohol and oils. However, there are virtually thousands of foods they can cause unwanted symptoms

For most, the thought of a food allergy is associated with bloating, heartburn, indigestion nausea, gas, stomach pain, diarrhea, and constipation. But the fact is that food allergies can have widespread effects in virtually every body system. Medical research is showing a clear connection between food allergies and symptoms such as asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue, behavioral issues and more.

In the past, many have attempted elimination diets and avoidance, both of which are largely unsuccessful and extremely difficult.  Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a highly advanced form of assessing and treating the body’s symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. Dr. Christine Garvey, D.C. utilizes AAT at Allergy Breakthrough Center in Clinton. At Allergy Breakthrough Center, you can actually find and isolate the exact components of the food, substance or stimulus that you may be reacting to with the AAT technology. People experience tremendous relief by eliminating these specific foods without the use of drugs.

AAT is also extremely effective at providing long-term relief for airborne allergens, pet allergies, chemical sensitivities, as well as internal sensitivities including hormones, blood chemistry, neurotransmitters and digestive enzymes.

Additionally, emotional allergies are very common and can occur when stressful people, places or situations trigger a physiological allergic response.  AAT helps us identify and successfully treat the stimulus/emotion so we are not longer experiencing the unwanted symptoms associated with the trigger.

Dr. Christine Garvey, D.C. offers comprehensive holistic care including neurological and musculo-skeletal chiropractic care, sometimes referred to as chiropractic massage. Dr. Garvey treats with trigger point massage, therapeutic rehabilitation and adjusts both manually and with an instrument called an arthrostim. She also has advanced certification in a powerful technique called PSYCH-K. PSYCH-K has the ability to change personalities and negative thought patterns and behaviors in minutes that people have been dealing with for decades. It addresses beliefs that are not helping a person live the life they want. Dr. Garvey also utilizes NRT, Nutrition Response Testing. NRT identifies organs in need of help and identifies the best protocol for restoration for those that need additional help.

Dr. Garvey is extremely passionate about her work because she has utilized each of these modalities and they have changed her life. She is proof that the services offered provide the quickest and easiest path to solutions for unwanted allergy symptoms.

Location: Allergy Breakthrough Center, 49 Main Street Suite 8, Clinton. For more information, call 908-335-5673, email [email protected]  or visit See ad on this page.

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